XYplorer is a file manager application for Windows developed by Donald Lessau that takes file management on Windows to an unprecedented level. Whilst at the time of writing this, it remains a 32-bit application it delivers an incredible amount of functionality. I’m a heavy user of so many features these days I couldn’t possibly go into full details on them, but I can list some of my favourites.

  • Scripting.
  • Catalogs.
  • Multi-tab panes & tab sets.
  • Customisable keyboard shortcuts, buttons and aliases.
  • Tags.
  • Highlighting.
  • Hover previews.
  • Paper folders.

Whilst I have a lifetime license (yes it really is that good!), I do also use the now discontinued freeware version on devices where my license and/or external constraints preclude me being able to deploy the application. I would certainly recommend anyone reading this at least checks out that version or the trial version to get a real feel for the application.

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