Alfred is a text based utility for the Mac. Its primary purpose is as a launcher for files and applications, but it is also capable of many other things including definitions, text expansion, system commands, calculations, and in fact any number of automations via the use of powerful custom workflows and filters. Many features are available in the freely available core application, but the real power comes when you pay for a powerpack licence. It is absolutely worth it.

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Downloadable Alfred Workflows

Select the title on the left to be taken to the most recent blog post about the workflow (if one exists), or select the download icon to download an Alfred Workflow file that you can then open to install into Alfred. While we take every care to ensure that these workflows work as expected, please note the details of the site disclaimer before use.

Workflow Description Latest Version For Alfred Version Download
Bypass Allows launching and other interactions with shortcuts from Apple's Shortcuts app. 1.5.1 5.x +
Cluster A workflow for interactng with the Bunch app. 1.0.1 5.x +
Conductor Execution, delayed execution, information copying, editing, enabling and disabling of Keyboard Maestro macros (and groups). 1.5.2 5.x +
Doctor Drafts A large and expandable workflow for working with the Drafts app in a wide variety of ways. 1.10.1 5.x +
Dose Allows control of the Amphetamine application that can be used to control how long a Mac remains awake. 1.1.1 4.x +
Demo Functions A demonstration of Alfred workflow pseudo functions. 1.0.0 5.x +
Evernote Search+ An Evernote search utility for use with Alfred 2.0. 1.0.0 2.0
Hookmark Extra Interact with Hookmark from Alfred. 1.0.0 4.x +
Noise Player Play the standard macOS sounds - to help you choose which one to use for something. 1.0.0 4.x +
Random Stuff A quick random picker pass in a CSV list to pick from, or choose a random colour from a set. 1.0.0 2.0
Read the 🤐 Manual Trigger scripting lookups for manual pages. 1.0.1 4.x +
Slink A helper workflow for Brett Terpstra's SearchLink services. 1.2.0 5.x +
Sound Notification A way to add sounds to notifications for use with Alfred 2.0. 1.0.0 2.0

Downloadable Alfred Themes