Shortcuts is an i*OS app from Apple that allows you to build workflows of actions in an Automator-esque way in order to create sophisticated automations. This app is the successor to Workflow and came into being after the team behind Workflow was acquired by Apple. The app allows interactions via the share sheet, direct interaction, and with the advent of i*OS 13, third party app integrations.

Workflow was a game changer and Shortcuts is its next evolution. As a prolific proponent of Workflow here at ThoughtAsylum, we’ll be continuing to break new ground and explore the ongoing capabilities of Shortcuts.

Shortcuts Library

You can access an ever growing collection of shortcuts in our Shortcuts Library. These are searchable and categorised, and include brief documentation, links to more extensive posts where available, and details of any pre-requisite third party apps or services that the shortcut may utilise.

Shortcuts Posts