TextExpander is a powerful, cross-platform text and image insertion tool. It watches for a series of keystrokes that you specify and then replaces the entered text with something else. In TextExpander parlance, a snippet. This could be boilerplate text such as a standard e-mail response, something dynamic like the current date in a particular format or even the current weather conditions. It can even display options to the user to allow them to select and enter additional details to build out a replacement.

TextExpander started on the Mac, expanded to iPhone and iPad, and has since become available on Windows and Chrome (to enable for Chrome OS). Originally relying on third party services for synchronisation across devices, TextExpander new utilises its own sync platform, enabling the product to offer not only an individual focused solution, but also a team/organisation-wide solution with centralised administration.

TextExpander Posts

Snippet Groups

The following snippet groups gather together the snippets used in various ThoughtAsylum posts and some additional snippets. Download a group and open the file to install it into TextExpander.

Note: An update is planned for these snippet groups, with the intention of including them in the TextExpander public snippet groups.