Hell is full of passwords

The thing about security in the digital age is that pretty much everything is governed by passwords.  I have so many to remember these days that it’s just not funny any more.  Some of them have particularly stringent complexity enforced on them making them that much harder to commit to memory … particularly as it’s full of obscure user IDs.

So do I write them down in some obvious place?  Of course not.  Do I write them down at all?  Well yes, but encrypted.

I actually started some months ago using a free piece of software called Keepass.  As well as allowing me to categorise and store my accounts securely it also has a number of other key features that I have found very useful.

This last one is particularly useful for when you have someone with you and you don’t even want them to see you type in the password.  Just copy it from the Keepass entry and paste it into the password box - beautiful.

If you haven’t already tried it out get it today!

For the future the next release has a few nifty extras the most exciting I think will be the auto synchronise by FTP.  That would be the icing on the cake for me at the moment as my Keepass files are starting to vary by machine and I’d rather just let the computer make sure I have one single up to date copy available anywhere at any time.

Author: Stephen Millard
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