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I’m really enjoying the flexibility that Microsoft Live Mesh is giving me.  It lets me synchronise bits and pieces between various computers and means that I can have quick and easy access to files on my home computer(s), work computer, my Windows mobile phone and even on a computer used by my sports club.   It’s a bit like offline files but the Internet is your network and therefore it’s quite a bit slower to synchronise than if you’re on an office LAN for example.

Occasionally I have a problem where Live Mesh (specifically running on Windows XP) isn’t quite quick enough on the uptake for my liking and it seems to miss that I’ve updated the content of a folder on my PC that is set to synchronise.  Currently there’s no option to force a synchronisation.

I did try logging out and back in, but oddly this didn’t seem to trigger a recheck of what to synchronise.

But this post isn’t about doom and gloom.  Right clicking the system tray icon reveals an option to work offline.  Select this to go offline and then select it again to go back online and hey presto Live Mesh will recheck and resync.

Hopefully as the Beta programme progresses Microsoft will see fit to add a resynchronise option to this menu and also a resynchronise option to the individual folders that are set to synchronise.

Author: Stephen Millard
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