An Odd Denial

I’ve been running a Windows Home Server for almost a year now but in trying to set-up a new FTP server (which caused some very odd networking issues with my router) and came across an odd issue. I’m guessing this may be down to one of the various updates I’ve applied to my server as I’ve not had cause to tinker with it since before I applied the Power Pack 1 upgrade.

I tried to run the installation executable from an administrator RDP session and was presented with the following error message - “Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permission to access the item.”

I was obviously logged on as the administrator and whilst I’ve run EXEs from the desktop before I’d never seen this. I did also receive the same message when I tried copying it to the desktop and running it from there

The solution it appears was to “unblock” the file. Viewing the properties of the file gave access to a security option on the General tab and clicking on this then allowed the file to be run and the FTP server to be installed.

All in all a quick fix and something which i’d never come across before, but just in case someone else succumbs to this little twist I figured a quick blog entry and the mighty Google might help other lost souls find there way.

Author: Stephen Millard
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