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It’s really rewarding when people get some benefit from the things that I’ve shared. It is even better when they choose to share that on through their own channels. I’ve noticed over the past month or so that my ThoughtAsylum Action Suite for Drafts has been garnering a bit of coverage recently on some podcasts which was a nice surprise when you happen to be listening along and hear something you created given a positive mention and review.

I’ve collated the episodes and rough timings for anyone interested in listening to them.

Back To Work

Network: 5by5
Episode: 498 - Soviet Satellite Hair
Released: 6 October 2020.
Hosts: Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin.
Time: Drafts discussion 46 minutes in.

Do By Friday

Warning: NSFW
Episode: 207 - They Scouts
Released: 8 October 2020.
Hosts: Merlin Mann & Alex Cox.
Time: Very briefly mentioned in a discussion of Drafts 1 hour 25 minutes in.

The Automators

Network: Relay FM
Episode: 68 - Automation Fun with Alex Cox
Released: 6 November 2020.
Hosts:David Sparks & Rosemary Orchard.
Guests: Alex Cox
Time: Drafts discussion 23 minutes in.

So thanks to Merlin and Alex for spreading the word. I hope that you both continue to find the suite useful!

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