Starbucks Card Registration

I recently got a Starbucks card.  As well as getting a free shot in my latte when I pay by card I can get free WiFi access with my mug of coffee.  However all was not straight forward for me because of one mis-communication when I got my card which caused a bit of a problem.

I went to register online and discovered I fist of all needed to put some money on the card.  It seemed a little counter intuitive, but you can actually have a card with a cash value without registering it - just like a gift card.  So I went to put some money on it and I ended up in a loop where I couldn’t add any money to it - I just kept looping back to the first page in the process each time.

I contacted the web site support and they were really helpful and I found the customer service excellent … which was a good job after the number of attempts I made and the amount of frustration I felt.  The problem was apparently that before you can do anything online with your card you have to put some money on it in-store.  This primes and activates the card after which it appears on the online system.

So if you get a new Starbucks card, make sure that you put some money on it in store before you try and manage it online.

Author: Stephen Millard
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