Set your iPhone to a WiFi only connection

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to turn your iPhone into an iPod touch?  For example in a meeting that’s being recorded but you needed to provide updates on a social media network, or even just abroad and you don’t want to run up your call/data charges.  Well there is a way and it is nice and simple.

The first step is to set your phone to Airplane mode.  In order to do this, tap on settings on your home screen and you should then see Airplane mode.  Simply flip the switch to on.  This will kill all of your connectivity.

Next tap on WiFi (just below Airplane mode) to take you to the WiFi networks page. This should display a WiFi setting that is set to off.  Flip the switch to turn it on.

From this point your phone is effectively an iPod Touch.  Simply connect it to the WiFi network of your choice and away you go.  To get your phone functionality back just pop the Airplane mode off and everything should return to normal.

Author: Stephen Millard
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