A month at the Thought Asylum

The migration of my blogs to thoughtasylum.com was about a month ago now, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to reflect on the move away from several split Wordpress blogs onto this consolidated SquareSpace driven platform.

I’d been very happy with Wordpress.  The system worked really well and it was entirely free.  So why did I move to a paid for platform with all the work that goes with it?  My more serious (?) blogging had been running for a little over a year and what had started out as a few separate blogs for different purposes had begun to shift towards one in particular as a few popular posts began driving more people towards it.  Moving to the new site primarily gave me a way in which to pull things together and to give me something with a bit of scale and opportunity to explore other directions for the future.

So how’s it going?  Well not as seamless as I would have liked, but still pretty well.  I’ve amended many of the posts on the Wordpress sites to link directly to the corresponding blog posts on thoughtasylum.com; not as many as I’d imagined, but certainly the priority ones.  I’ve also managed to put out over a dozen new posts which is actually more than I’d originally envisaged.

The number of hits is a bit disappointing overall.  Whilst I have received over 1,200 hits, that’s not quite up with my most popular Wordpress blog flagit.  In the previous couple of months it was receiving between 2,500 and 3,000 hits per month.  It even managed just under 2,000 months this last month.

I’m guessing that it will take several more weeks for the Google juice to start flowing away from my old blogs to this new site, and I guess moving away from a platform integrated with many other blogs will mean a reduction in “passing traffic”.  In order to counteract this at least a little, I have created a tumblr site to drive a little more traffic to the site from some automated feeds.  I do remain optimistic for an increase in visitors and I guess the more information I have to offer, the more visitors I’ll get over time.  We’ll see what the next month holds.

I still need to develop many of the static site pages as a priority and this should help round out the site.  As ever so much to do and so little time.

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