Power-up with the Second SAP SuccessFactors Release of 2019

The following post was originally posted to LinkedIn on 24 May 2019.

We’re now well into the second quarter of 2019, and that means that it’s almost time for the Q2 release of SAP SuccessFactors to be released to customers. The questions are, what’s in this latest release and what do customers need to know?

That’s exactly the overarching question my colleagues and I at Zalaris tackle with our quarterly reviews. We compile the information SAP release, check the preview systems and then draw upon our own analytical skills and implementation & support experience to filter the wealth of information down to the key elements, presenting them in a format we hope is friendly and consumable by all.

Over the course of what is coming up on four years, we’ve been helping both SAP SuccessFactors customers and partners get greater value from each release through our analysis, and we’re always keen to hear feedback about how the articles help people understand and get more from their investment. It’s always hugely rewarding for us to hear how our articles have been helping people.

Over the course of the past week, we’ve been publishing our series of standalone articles, in PDF format. You can find the details and links below.


Post A - Introduction to the SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019 Release, by Stephen Burr.

Post B - SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release: Part 1 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Succession, Collaboration, CPD, by Stephanie Perks.
  2. Mobile, by James Clough.

Post C - SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release: Part 2 of 5

Articles on:

  1. EC Core HR, by Helen Dunn.
  2. EC Payroll, Benefits & Time Management, by James Clough.

Post D - SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release: Part 3 of 5

Articles on:

  1. PMGM, 360, CPM, by Karishma Neog.
  2. Compensation & Variable Pay, by Samanta Villa.

Post E - SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release: Part 4 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Recruiting (Marketing, Management), by Anisha Rajput.
  2. Onboarding, by Andra Stoica.
  3. Platform, Reporting & Analytics, by Sondre Grahl-Jacobsen.

Post F - SuccessFactors Q1 2019 Release: Part 5 of 5

Articles on:

  1. Suite Integration - EP, API, EC-ERP S/4HANA, by Stephen Hammond.
  2. ECSC, by Stephen Millard.

Post G - SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019 Review Summary, by Stephen Burr.

In Absentia

For a third quarter, SuccessFactors Learning continues to be in maintenance mode while the extensive interface rewrite takes place. You can keep abreast of the developments around that through the blog posts of Rekha Shukla of SAP. As someone who works with and uses SuccessFactors Learning, I’m very keen to see where SAP’s redevelopment takes them.

SAP Jam is also in maintenance mode with no new key developments being announced, but checking the SAP SuccessFactors 2019 roadmap, there was at least one passing reference to a new feature planned for this quarter.


We are always keen to get feedback and to improve the series, so if you have any comments, praise or suggestions, we’re always happy to receive them.

Please share this post with anyone else that you think may gain a benefit from reading one or more of the articles. We’ve found that personal recommendations are the biggest way our reviews get shared and the best thing is, those you share it with will thank you for it.

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